Wedding Party

Michael Hall, Maid of Honor
Friend of the Bride

“Michael is my soul mate. She and I technically grew up together, but we didn’t become friends until somewhere in the high school years. Once we hit college, we realized we were perfect for each other. Our lives are almost parallel, and we always understand each other. There is never a need for sugar-coating in our relationship. We have the luxury of complete honesty without consequences. I know that so many friendships are naturally lost over the years, but I am certain that Michael and I are lifers. I plan to have our tea and/or french fry dates for years to come. We always have something new to talk about… something new to learn. If I had a sister, I could only hope that she would be exactly like my Michael. She will never know just how highly I regard her.” ~Caitlin

Gaela Harris, Bridesmaid
Friend of the Bride & Groom

“Gaela is one of my oldest friends. She and I met on the first day of fourth grade, and we have been close ever since. I can always count on her. She is trustworthy, supportive, and just plain fun to be around. Gaela always has a great attitude, and I admire her ability to be so even-keel… it’s hard for us girls, you know. I had the overwhelming privilege of standing by her as a bridesmaid in her wedding on April 2, 2011. It was only natural to ask her to be in my wedding since it was at her birthday party in 2010 that David and I reconnected. I will always love my Gaela, and I can’t wait to share more years of friendship with her!! We have been through so many milestones in our friendship… I love that marriage is one of them!” ~Caitlin

Ann von Uffel, Bridesmaid
Friend of the Bride

“Ann is one of my favorite people. We went to high school together, and we got to know each other our senior year at Chattahoochee. We had a very musical friendship – we took chorus and AP music theory together in high school. Of course we decided to go to the School of Music at GSU together! She and I were roommates in the dorm for two years, and we have maintained our friendship ever since. We both left the School of Music and followed different paths, but we still hang out whenever we can. She is such a wonderful girl with such big, inspiring dreams. She is totally fabulous, and her smile lights up the room! I can’t wait to have her stand in the front of the chapel with me when I marry my sweetheart.” ~Caitlin

Angela Giglio, Bridesmaid
Friend of the Groom

“Angela and I first met when she dropped a book on my head in middle school. A couple of my friends has described our friendship as kind of bizarre, and they’re right. The most interesting thing about Angela, though, is that she’s been behind the scenes for our entire relationship. She was the one that awkwardly friended and chatted with Caitlin hours before our first date (“Angela, that’s so awkward.” “She doesn’t know we’re still friends!” “I already told her we are.” “…oh.”). She told my parents that we were dating, and delivered the full report that concluded with, “So yes, y’all approve of her.” She picked our fabulous ring vendor and went ring shopping with me. She called my parents and told them I’d bought the ring. She’s been there from the beginning until now, and it only makes sense for her to be standing with us when we finish what we started.” ~David

Cathy Baxter, Reader of Scripture
Friend of the Bride

“Cathy is such a wonderful lady. She and I met in college, and became friends right away. We spent time together in chorus, and my last semester was so tough without her! I always enjoyed texting her during rehearsal and giggling with her before and after class about Andrew, the man that would become her husband. I loved being one of her bridesmaids on May 15, 2010. She was one of the few people at my school that I could relate to as a Christian. A devoted member of the BCM, Cathy was always someone I could respect. Even though she moved to Wake Forest shortly after her wedding, we have kept in contact. She is my only pen pal! Though I am often slow to respond, we enjoy writing lengthy notes to each other and sending them the old fashioned way. She and her husband are studying to further prepare them to serve the Lord and share the love of Christ. I know God has a lot planned for them, and I can think of no one better to read His word at our wedding than Cathy.” ~Caitlin


Walton Collins, Best Man
Friend of the Groom

“Walton and I first met in Mrs. Blankenship’s 6th grade math class. Since then, we’ve been in a dozen plays together, we’ve gone to the same university, we were roommates for two years, and now we both find ourselves making money (one way or another) from the same school that gave us our degrees. Over the years we’ve had our hearts broken by countless Georgia Tech football teams while praising the heavens for the gift of Calvin Johnson, we’ve discovered numerous new and interesting ways that Tech can find to give us the proverbial shaft, and we’ve come to the satisfying state of regarding the Institute as a worthy but vanquished foe. Our friendship was forged in the throngs of battle in devastated wastelands called ‘Howey’ and ‘Matheson’, and that’s a bond you just can’t break. Oh, and we’re cousins, too.” ~David

Bryan Wiltgen, Groomsman
Friend of the Groom

“Bryan is the exception to the apparent rule that our wedding party must be made of people we knew in middle school. I met Bryan two years ago when I joined the Georgia Tech Ph.D. program and my current lab. Since then, I estimate 72.3% of my life has been spent talking, discussing, and debating with him everything from human cognition to religion and spirituality to politics and ethics to the quality of Kevin Conroy as the voice actor for Batman. If you’ve ever felt a lack of meaningful and intellectual conversations in your life, I’ll give you Bryan’s number; he can make any discussion lively, engaging, and interesting, and I’m constantly blown away by what an earnest and perceptive interest he takes in others. I learn a lot about myself through the way he sees me.” ~David

Daniel & David White, Groomsmen
Brothers of the Bride

“Daniel and David have always been there for me… partially because they’re my big brothers and have literally always been there. But seriously, these two guys are so great. Daniel is kind and caring, and David is one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet. Daniel loves to have a good time. Want to catch a movie? See a baseball game? Daniel’s your man. And David… he is hilarious. If he doesn’t become a famous stand-up comedian, the world will really miss out. In addition to this talent, he is a gifted artist. Both of these guys have been around my entire life and have shared so many experiences with me. These are my companions for Christmas mornings and long car rides to West Virginia. They’ve been the ones I confided in when things were rough – they were always people I could lean on when we lost loved ones. After sharing all of these experiences with me, I couldn’t imagine not sharing this important experience with them.” ~Caitlin